Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coat and Olympics!

Yes folks, that time we've all been dreading has arrived. The Olympics have arrived in Vancouver! The torch just happened to be passing by a block from my apartment, so I thought I'd go check it out. My friend pointed out that I went to see the torch in Canada's most densely populated neighborhood - Kitsilano. I feel very Canadian.

With all the Olympic hype, it's been difficult to get into. I thought it would just be a pain, preventing me from getting to work, making everything expensive and low quality (which it is already doing. My lunch today was an olympic-sized pain in the ass), and just plain annoying. Then I thought: Well, they're coming, and I have to pay for it for years to come, so I'm going to enjoy as much free stuff as I can.

And so I shall. I saw the torch. And I will see it again tomorrow afternoon as it passes by my work. And I will watch the opening ceremonies on the computer, then go see Bedouin Soundclash for free at Science World (It is NOT the Telus World of Science!!). I will see Blue Rodeo. And Damien Marley. I will go see Canada House. I will cheer on our hockey team at the pub. Heck, I may actually enjoy all this Olympic stuff. when's the next time I'm going to experience it? I'm actually getting excited!!

To be honest this excitement has sort of come in the wake of some crafting excitement... I ordered my first pattern online, and I have been bouncing off the walls for a week and a half waiting for it to arrive. The first line out of my mouth when I call my boyfriend from work, or walk through the door has been "Did my pattern arrive??"

I felt like giving up hope when, yesterday, he calls me at work, so I ask the customary question, not expecting a positive response when, lo and behold, he said yes!!!

Boy, then I was really bouncing off the walls...

And so today I went to Dressew and picked out a nice wool blend plaid - brown and pink, with some cream lining. The fabric just jumped off the shelf at me, and there was JUST enough left on the roll for me. I tell you, it was fate...
The only negative to this fabric is that it is slightly scratchy. I had planned to make the coat all out of the fabric, and skip the accent collar and bow. However, after some poking and prodding from a friend more fashionable than I, it occurred to me that I should replace the collar to make it less itchy. And the leather from the coat I am replacing could be a good candidate. Here's the old, cheap leather coat that's starting to fall apart:
Now that I know I can sew leather with my machine, I was going to turn it into a purse, but I'm sure I could keep enough to make a collar, and maybe an accent belt out of it (no bow!). It's really nice, soft leather, and I bet it will be a dream to work with. I really hate having to say goodbye to this jacket, but I really shouldn't be wearing it, what with all the holes... You don't see them in the photo, but they're in the side, and back, and sleeve, and inside...