Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fabric Tape and Upholstery

After seeing this tutorial on how to make fabric tape, I had to make my own!! Above is the result, and I think I am hooked. It's made from an old shirt that just didn't sit right any more. I'd been looking for a project to make with it for a while. I think the small flowered pattern looks so nice on the tape.

Also, I saw this video, and I have been inspired. I have a set of dining chairs, a cozy chair and a dresser, all that I have plans to re-do. My only regret is that I am leaving for Baffin Island at the end of the week, and I only like to start what I'm going to finish because inspiration is fleeting...

But their work is so beautiful, I feel like I want to be an upholsterer...

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