Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Burlesque + DIY = BFF?

I love burlesque. But, then again, who doesn't? Strong women creating beautiful fantasies before your eyes, or just evoking hilarious imagery that makes you laugh 'til you hurt. The variety of shows is endless. I have seen ladies dressed in period costume swaying to sensual beats. I have seen robots with flashing innards "connecting" with each other. I have seen monsters, and cats, and zombies, and so so so much more.

Through all the variety burlesque has to offer, there is one thing that most of it has in common: DIY. Since show are so unique, the amazing costumes and props are often created by the performers themselves. One performer I love is Vienna La Rouge, formerly from Seattle, now residing in California. She hand-decorates her delicious corsets with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

Such creativity does not come without a cost that most crafters will find familiar. Talk to just about any burlesque artist, and they will tell you how their home is just filled with bits of shiny fabric, feathers, lace, faux fur and more. Add this to ready made props, costumes and shoes (oh, the shoes!), and their homes become basically one giant closet/craft room. I don't know about you, but I can certainly relate.

If you love burlesque and are in the greater Vancouver area, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase tickets to Shine: A Burlesque Musical. Local artists have poured their heart and soul into this production, and the result is very interesting and entertaining.


  1. The girl in the photo is an ex-student of mine - bumped into her at the burlesque show I checked out last year.


  2. A burlesque engineer? Sweet!