Friday, October 8, 2010

Wine Glass Charms

This weekend is Thanksgiving, and I'll be having the family over for dinner on Sunday, which reminded me that I still had no way for people to tell their glasses apart on my tiny table. I purchased the beads for these charms probably about a year ago, but I didn't have all the wire I needed, and so they were never made. I figured it was about time to get them done, and so I stopped by Country Beads on my way home and purchased the memory wire, etc. needed to complete the project.

I'm a little disappointed that they were just made from a bunch of stuff I bought at a bead store, and that each item involved is being used for it's intended purpose, but I still love them. I wanted them to feel natural, and so each charm is made from natural minerals. Sadly, many of them are cut into slightly cheesy shapes (like flowers and fish...), but I'm still happy with them. At least they're colourful - and quick to make.

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