Sunday, October 3, 2010

Creative Destruction!

In order to force myself to not wear my destroyed or ill-fitting clothes anymore - and further encourage myself to create a new, better wardrobe, I have been busy destroying my old clothes and making them into better things. The above three pairs of underwear were made from 2 of my old, too tight roller derby T-shirts. I made some small adjustments to the pattern while I was at it, and they are super comfy. It's just a shame I don't play roller derby anymore, because they would make excellent derby panties!

I also took the following shirt and cut it up to make a pattern. I love the fit of the shirt, but it's getting a little old and holes are starting to appear under the arms... The picture is out of focus since I forgot the camera was still in manual mode from my attempts at outdoor photography, but it is a knit shirt with a scoop neckline and small puffy cap sleeves.

And here's the finished pattern:
I transferred markings onto the pattern for where the shoulder seams sit on the sleeves, and where the gathers begin and end. I have big plans for this pattern! I also cut up the remains of the shirt and will make that into yet another pair of panties!

And finally, I made something from scratch to add to my wardrobe. I used dark gray corduroy from my stash of free fabric I received earlier this year. I had a similar light-gray skirt made with the same pattern that I wore all the time, until I spilled coffee all down the front of it and completely destroyed it.

The skirt is a little wrinkled, but it's a simple A-line skirt with pockets on the back and a zipper down the front. I love it already!

Well, it's a start. Hopefully I'll get around to creating more in the days to come!

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