Sunday, October 17, 2010

Desert Bus and Magic Yarn Ball!

So, I have completed my project for the Desert Bus Craft Along! Since I have been really into the underwear creation lately, and I had an appropriately nerdy T-shirt that had run its course (Thanks Mike's mom for the awesome shirt!), I thought I would put one out there and see how it does in the craft-along!

I will post a link to the auction once it's up!

I have also finished a Magic Yarn Ball for Swap-Bot! I had never heard of a magic yarn ball before, but soon got excited once I found out. Basically, you wrap up a ball of yarn with gifts inside that the receiver will discover as the ball unravels! How fun is that!

I was hoping to be inspired by my partners profile, but found myself strangely uninspired with respect to what to put in the yarn ball - I just ran out of ideas. I was not that happy with the gifts I had come up with for the ball, until I went to wrap them up, and decided I was going to make something to put in the middle - and took a bunch of stuff I just had lying around the apartment to make an awesome pair of earrings:

They're made of wire, beads and buttons, and I think I'm going to have to make a similar pair for myself very soon...

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