Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sylvia Grinnell Park

Iqaluit has been having terrible weather. There has been more time of foggy skies than clear skies, and nice days are rare. A few days ago, we had an absolutely beautiful day, so we took off early from the warehouse and headed to Sylvia Grinnell Park just outside of town to practice with our cameras.

It turns out that Jen has a similar camera to my own, and is really into photography. She lent me a couple of her amazing lenses and I got a chance to practice with them.

We mostly took a lot of photos of vegetation. Considering the fact that the land up here is covered with snow 10 months out of the year, there are some really beautiful plants. The best photos are on my Picasa Web Album, along with all my other photos from this season on Baffin Island here.

We stopped by the Visitors Center in Iqaluit today - a very worthwhile visit, if ever you happen to be in Nunavut. There was a beautiful book of Nunavut vegetation, and I came across this little guy:

The Arctic version of the Spider Plant. I have never seen one in the wild, and it turns out that they only live in small patches above latitudes of 70 degrees or so. It's amazing that such an incredible life form exists, let alone in such a harsh climate. I'll bet the summer only lasts about a month up there. Now I want to travel even further north!

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