Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desert Bus for Hope - How You Can Help!

I just got back from Iqaluit, and went straight to Seattle for PAX - North America's largest gaming convention. It's crazy good fun, and I will make a more detailed post in the very near future.

At PAX was a video game themed sketch comedy group from Victoria called Loading Ready Run. If you've never seen their videos before, one of my favourites is How to talk like a pirate, perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th!).

Every year, Loading Ready Run hosts a fundraiser for Childsplay called Desert Bus for Hope. This year, it starts on November 19th. Check out the blog for the event here.

Desert Bus for Hope is basically a video game marathon with the most boring video game ever made (though not released) where you drive back and forth across the desert in real time. The road is straight, and there are no other drivers, but the bus slowly drifts off the road, so you constantly have to input commands.

There's a nice little news story on YouTube here that explains the event pretty well, but basically, there are a series of drivers taking shifts playing the game 24 hours a day. Previous years they had 4 drivers playing in shifts of 4 hours. This year, they have 5 drivers, and they will be each playing shifts of 24 hours. That's right - 24 hours of the most boring game ever made. And the bonus is that the more money they raise, the longer they have to play - so if they raise enough, the first person to play will have to go all over again!

In conjunction with the video game marathon, they are actually having a Desert Bus Craft along. If you are a crafter and have something they could auction off, be sure to check out their blog post on the Craft Along - they have a super cute video describing how to send in your craft for the auction too!

You can also watch the entire game marathon in real time. Make sure you contribute to keep them driving!

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