Thursday, November 11, 2010

Felted Phone Cozy

I bought a pile of Nashua Creative Focus Chunky wool yarn in "Emerald" a while back with the idea of knitting up a cute little cardigan, mostly because I REALLY love the colour. The only problem with it is that it sheds bright green fibers all over the place. Seriously. Whenever I worked with it, I would be covered in green fuzz. I found green fibers all over my apartment, and they even started popping up in other places. Like my office...

So I decided to unravel what's been made of the sweater and save myself getting covered with green fuzz all the time. But what to do with all that lovely green yarn.

It sat in my project pile for months and months, and then I thought - maybe if I felt it, the fibers won't come out so much. This phone cozy was a test (I also just bought a new phone). It felts beautifully, and the fibers don't come out as frequently as before, but they still do.

I'm thinking of knitting the rest up into a felted messenger bag. I'll add that to my to-do list...

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