Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tutorial - Easy Felt Holly Cards!

These felt holly holiday cards are super easy to make - complete instructions after the jump!

Materials and Tools:
-felt (green and red)
-matching thread in green and red
-sewing needle
-card stock in desired finished card size

Step 1:
Cut out two pieces of green felt in the shape of holly leaves. You can wing it or draw a template on some scrap paper and follow that. Cut out a piece of red felt shaped like three berries.

Step 2:
Arrange the felt pieces on the card to decide where to attach them.

Step 3:
Thread the needle with the green thread and make a large knot in the end. Pull the needle through the first holly leaf so that the knot is on the side that will be facing the card, near the end that will have the berries. Doing this, the knot will be hidden behind the leaf.

Step 4:
Sew the leaf to the card down the length of the leaf, stopping short of the end. Make sure you use long stitches as the holes formed in the card will weaken it.

Step 5:
When you get to the far end of the leaf (I like to stop about 1 cm from the actual leaf tip), make a knot in the thread on the back side (inside of card). Once the knot is made, thread the needle and remaining thread back to the front of the card. Cut off the thread as close to the card as possible. This will hide the end of the thread.

Step 6:
Repeat with the second leaf, securing it in place.

Step 7:
Attach the berries in a similar way, working the stitching from the center of the berries to the indent representing the divide between the berries. This will add definition, making the felt look like a cluster of berries. Secure ends with knot similar to the leaf.

Enjoy your work and share with loved ones!

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