Friday, November 5, 2010

Spray Painting Fabric!

I finally made myself a new shirt using the pattern I made a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really happy with the results.

I decided to add a pattern to the fabric by laying some lace over it and then spray painting the whole thing - the spray paint passes through the holes in the lace, and you're left with a negative version of the lace pattern. The picture above is one of my test swatches.

Spray-painted fabric is surprisingly durable in the wash - I just throw mine in the washer and dryer with the rest of my clothes. It will probably fade over time but, really, I can always make a new one!

The only downside I have found is that sometimes you get a lingering scent of spray-paint coming off the shirt, but I'm sure that will fade after a handful of washes. I am so happy with the way this project turned out!


  1. Wow this looks amazing! What type of spray paint did you use? I really want to try this on some fabric that I have to make a dress.

  2. Sorry about the long response - this blog had to be dropped from my schedule for a while. I'm not at home, so I can't tell you what kind of paint I used, but it was pretty much just what I had lying around the house. I've also had decent results with acrylic paint and stencils, though on knit fabric, this tends to crack.

    Good luck!